Five fundamental ways to boost your talent management process.

Nothing can be as important as retaining the best talent. Talent management process is crucial when it comes to talent retention and management.

Simply put, talent management is about selection, management, growth and retention of talent. Modern business success is highly dependent on your people and their development – and that’s why talent management processes play an essential role in your organisation’s growth.

In this blog post, we have brought up five fundamental areas and ways to improve that, enhancing your talent management process.

1. Build A Strong Employer Brand


The employer brand is the very first impression that your employees will have about your company. This is the secret ingredient for the massive success of Google because it has maintained such exceptional standards for setting up its employer brand.

Today, the new era job seeker emphasised employer’s brand value more than the offer. For a reason – as 16% of candidates say, they will choose an employer with a better brand than their competitor.

Here are some ways you can maintain an excellent employer brand image:

  • Don’t keep your hiring process lengthy.
  • Hire quality candidates that can guide you for the brand’s success.
  • Make sure that your company has an excellent social media presence as well.
  • Encourage engaged and happy employees to share their experience on social media.
  • Emphasis on building people-first culture.

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2. Master The Art Of On-boarding


Most companies have a flawed on-boarding strategy.

In the name of on-boarding strategy, all they have an email template to be sent as a welcome email.

Sending an email is not enough to welcome new talent. This is an exact position where things begin to go south.

A tremendous on-boarding experience involves proper guidance and a seamless process. The right on-boarding makes the employee believe that they are welcomed, and you have given them the right toolkit that they need to ace.

A few point to look after while on-boarding new talent:

  • Help them with pre-on-boarding resources.
  • When hiring virtually, focus on experience and engagement.
  • When on-boarding, conduct a virtual office tour.
  • Attach helpful resources by email.
  • Please give them the bandwidth to adapt and settle down in a complete new work-frame.
  • Please keep them in the loop with any news and updates about your company.
  • Celebrate new hires on Social Media.
  • Stay approachable for the first few weeks so that the employee can ask you in case of any issues.

3. Offer Post-on-boarding Support.


On-boarded an employee successfully? Congratulations!! Now you would like to master the post-on-boarding process.

It is seen that most employees lose their interest in their employer just after a few months of hire. The reasons are pretty obvious – lacking excellent post-boarding support.

The first step in providing excellent post-on-boarding support is making the hire comfortable with the culture and team. One effective way to improve this is providing buddy support – as 87% SAY BUDDY PROGRAMS BOOST NEW HIRE PROFICIENCY.

Also, you need to give this a little bit of time and deal with patience because a new person is joining your organisation.

The candidate is unaware of the company and work culture. So you have to step forward and assist that person so that they can have better clarity.

Few important checks:

  • Please provide them with every rule and regulations that they need to follow.
  • Keep your doors open for doubts and questions.
  • Try to socialise with them so that they can feel comfortable.

4. Create Top-notch Candidate Experience.


The next and essential step in improving the talent management process is to straighten the employee journey and give a top-notch employee experience. 

According to Plaskoff, the employee experience is the employee’s holistic perception of the relationship with their employing organisation derived from all the encounters at touch points along the employee’s journey.

Candidates who apply for the job should leave with excellent and positive experiences. Because if they feel that something was not good, they will badmouth your company among other talented candidates. This will lead to the scarcity of gifted candidates applying for the job.

A great employee experience also improves employee well-being.

Employee experience can be divided into three stages:

1. On-boarding.

2. Employment.

3. Post-employment.

Employment and post-employment stages affect the overall employee experience more.

Steps to improve ’employment’ experience:

  • Focus on inclusive culture.
  • Implement a proper salary structure and incremental model.
  • Practice emphatic communication.
  • Ensure work-life balance.
  • Maintain professionalism.

Steps to improve ‘post-employment experience:

  • Ensure seamless off-boarding.
  • Give constructive feedback.
  • Make the paperwork easy and digital.
  • Help to transfer P.F. and other benefits to other companies.

5. Use HRMS Technology


Technology is here to make our lives easy. It could be perfectly applied to the H.R. function.

HRMS or HRIS is here to help H.R. employees and their work-life are more productive and happier.

Bluntly said, HRMS is a technology that will help you maintain complete H.R. processes. From on-boarding, payroll to off-boarding.

An effective HRMS system helps you in making better decisions for your company.

What can an HRMS do?

  • An HRMS system manages the complete data and information of your employees for you.
  • It enables employees to update specific amounts of personal data on their own so that they don’t have to bug anyone from the H.R. department every time.
  • It helps you in tracking the development programs meant for employees.
  • It makes your operation paperless.
  • HRMS helps reduce employee churn and manage conflicts.
  • HRMS helps you pay salaries on time and save hours for manual calculations.
  • HRMS drastically improves positive employee experience.


Farsight is the best example of how the HRMS system should be. You can check out more about Farsight H.R. solutions here.



Your people are the greatest asset you have. Their growth directly impacts the growth of your company. A perfect talent management process is technology and experience-driven, and when implemented well, it boosts employee satisfaction and revenue.

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