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Manage employee time off, leaves, and shifts effortlessly for maximum efficiency and productivity

Farsight’s self-service cloud-based time off and leave management system is a smart way to implement your organization’s leave and vacation policy. With features like customized team calendars, remote access, dynamic dashboard, automated leave processing, intelligent integrations, and data-driven reporting, Farsight’s leave management software streamlines the entire process for employees, managers, and HR.

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Create customized company calendars

Farsight’s customizable time-off and leave management module helps you create a unique company calendar that includes different types of leaves, company holidays, location-specific festivals, and special leaves. You can configure the module as per your company leave policy, set up custom approval workflows, and manage employee time off from one touch-point. Team leaders and employees can view the availability of all members during the workweek using the calendar.

Automate leave processing, encashment & carry-over

Define and automate workflows related to leave lapses, encashment, accrual, and carry-over to simplify year-end calculations. Whether it is the number of paid leaves remaining, leave arrear or deduction amount, or provision of special leaves, you can set up the software to undertake complex computations. Farsight’s singular dashboard makes it easier for employees to keep a tab on different types of remaining leaves.

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Request & approve leaves remotely

Employees and managers can remotely track and manage leaves from anywhere in the world. Farsight’s intelligent cloud-based self-service system grants team members the autonomy to handle their time-off and leave requests independently, whereas managers get the convenience of approving or rejecting them with a single click. Changes in shifts and leave schedules, like extensions or premature return, can also be undertaken through remote access.

Uncomplicate Leave Approval, Tracking, and Management With the Best Leave Management System

Time Off – Leave management
Time Off – Leave management
Time Off – Leave management

Make leave management more accurate

Complicated timesheets and calculation of work hours can lead to inaccurate payroll processing and misleading employee data. Farsight integrates the different elements of leave management to create a simplified and standard process for requesting and approving time off that compliments your workflow. Accurately track the availability of individuals and team, check leave history, view upcoming workweeks, and other leave-related information with Farsight.

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Create synergy between related processes

Equipped with smart integrations with the attendance and payroll modules, Farsight’s leave management solution offers a comprehensive HRMS framework in a unified module for organizations of all sizes and industries. Such integrations create synergy between different sets of employee data and make it easier for analysis. You can configure the entire solution across different data touch-points, set up company policies, and automate time-consuming calculations.

Improve trust, access & transparency

Farsight’s self-service leave management software promotes transparency, objectivity, and trust in the organization’s internal processes. An integrated HR software solution makes it easier to collect and process reliable employee data on leave, time-off, and productivity. This helps team leaders, managers, and HR professionals to get an overview of the organization’s overall performance and activity. You get data-driven reports to understand employee absenteeism better, identify performance issues, and keep engagement levels high.

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