Provide an all-in-one management system for travel and expense costs

Our automated travel and expense software provides employees with a web-based module and mobile app to aid in travel planning. The innovative platform provides pre designated budgets and approvals that save time and ensure compliance. Employees can upload receipts directly to the app, providing a quick and efficient way to keep track of all expenses on the go.

Travel & Expense
Travel & Expense


Streamline the travel & expense process by allowing employees to automatically submit trip requests and receipts


With Farsight, you can see the difference in productivity

Our solution sources the best and brightest candidates with the right experience and KSAs. Build your future dream team with our attractive candidate interface, well-organized hiring stages and automated, continuous communication and feedback.

Travel & Expense


The complete travel management system connects everyone in the expense and travel process, allowing for clear communication

Travel & Expense


Keep your employees compliant on travel rules, regulations, and expenses by keeping them all in one easy-to-use program

Travel & Expense


Our travel and expense system is created for you on demand, so it can be customized to your company’s specifications

Why should your next trip be booked with the Farsight Travel & Expense tool?

Travel & Expense


Plan Travel for Everyone

Manage both domestic and international travel plans in one place so you can book a trip for one person or multiple people


Stay Updated On The Go

Our mobile app allows employees to keep up with their travel plans even when they are out of the office

Travel & Expense
Travel & Expense


Communication is Key

Receive email approvals and notifications to stay in the loop with travel plans

Customers love us

Our solution have helped businesses succeed

Travel & Expense
Travel & Expense

“Working with Team Farsight has been an enriching experience, the level of Team Farsight has, its quality service speaks volumes. User involvement and feedback while designing the software was easily adaptable by Honda R&D members.
Farsight created a customized module for Domestic and International Travel Module for us which is a highlight, where manual intervention is not possible, the system from planning of tour to settlement of tour within the system is working efficiently and accurately. We would look forward in enhancing our systems and processes with the same Team in future as well .”

Manager – Finance & Accounts

Honda R&D (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Travel & Expense
Travel & Expense

“Farsight is very innovating company and always works as a partner. Services and products are very consistent and easy to use. Covered almost all HCM scenarios and having very proactive team to resolve the new HR challenges. Highly recommended.”

IT Head

The Body Shop

Travel & Expense
Travel & Expense

"Farsight HR Solution helped us implement ESS (Employee Self Service) portal for our large enterprise, which made both employees and Human Resources more productive. User-oriented interface and professional team."

Vice President

CPF India

Travel & Expense

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