Integrated Payroll and HR Softwar
Winning the War on Talent
Winning the War on Talent

Winning the War on Talent

Discover how our on-demand platform gives you everything you need – when you need it.

Recruiting isn’t the greatest struggle in creating a dynamic workforce: it’s retaining the best and brightest. The way to improve employee loyalty is to ensure the entire lifecycle is seamless. And the method of achieving this goal is so easy it may seem like magic. Actually, it’s our technology-enabled platform that connects all the dots – and custom fits your business model.

integrated payroll and hr software
integrated hr and payroll software

Recruitment –
Connect with highly-sought after Candidates

Farsight can personalize your entire recruiting structure to identify top-notch candidates that will support your culture and core values. This applies to organizations that are in their early years or are well-established. We store your entire pool of candidates in an easily accessible, secure framework.

Onboarding –
Roll out the red carpet

Our Integrated HR & Payroll is a full-service model that is perfect for small to mid-size enterprises that want to offload core HR functions. Once onboarded, employees will have a world-class platform at their fingers.

integrated hr and payroll systems
hr software solutions for small business

Attendance & Leaves –
Time Management tools that will keep your team ticking

If keeping track of employees seems more like a high wire juggling act, it’s time to relax and let Farsight’s technology do the work for you. Eliminate the guess work of being over or understaffed. Our online module will empower you to track and monitor everyone’s leaves and absences – saving you valuable time.

Compensation & Benefits – Properly Processing Payroll to Pay Your People

Digitization of payroll ensures that when it’s time to process paychecks, all the dots have been connected and the amount of compensation is accurate. In perfect synchronization, Farsight’s innovative platform can extract information from your data centers, eliminating human error.

integrated hr platform India
hr software solutions india

Learning & Development –
Get on board with customized learning tools

Demonstrate your support to your workforce by making learning fun; simply add your professional development webinars, blogs, podcasts or other training materials to their own private self-service hub.

Performance Appraisal – Transform employee productivity

The platform is also an ideal repository for performance appraisals. Employees who receive timely, constructive feedback can learn if they are on the right path to achieving their goals.

Winning the War on Talent
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Rewards & Recognitions –
Invite Technology to the celebration

The one recognized is without a doubt, the VIP – or MVP. Another guest of honor is the tech-powered R&R program. Our digitized dashboard, with advanced analytics, can add a new dimension to your HR team; it can be configured to your preferences whenever you want to celebrate a star performer.

Help Desk –
Knowledgeable technical support team at your fingertips

Who doesn’t need some occasional help? Our HR system includes a help-desk software that allows employees to receive timely customer service.

integrated hr platform
hr software solutions india

Offboarding –
Final touchpoints that end on a positive note.

Whenever an employee is offboarded, organizations want to leave a good, lasting impression. Separation documents are maintained in the same Farsight ecosystem, and can be accessed by former employees. Information gleaned from departures brings clarity on employee turnover. An organization can sift through this valuable data to determine what alignments should be made.

Discover how Farsight’s innovative software can put you in the sweet spot by providing a one-stop solution. You focus on expanding revenue and leave your HR processes to us.

Winning the War on Talent

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Winning the War on Talent
Winning the War on Talent