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Time is the biggest capital in the workplace and managing it effectively is essential to succeed. Most organizations tend to have staggered time management practices that are rigid and focus singularly on attendance. However, with changing times, organizations must deploy smart HR software solutions that have multi-location, remote access, shift, and off-site management capabilities as well. Integrate siloed time management and tracking processes, like leave, managing shifts, overtime, payroll, and attendance using Farsight’s time and attendance management software.

Time Management

In-sync with Biometric & Payroll

The module is integrated with employee attendance devices (like biometric machines) and the Payroll Software to ensure timely and error-free processing. All attendance logs are synced and updated in real-time through the cloud and provide a detailed analysis of employee work shifts and timing.

Time Management

Enhanced Efficiency & Punctuality

Track employee time and punctuality with accuracy by keeping a tab on absenteeism, working hours, breaks, overtime, and WFH/Out-duty days. By configuring the time and attendance software as per your policies and requirements, you can implement company policies uniformly and boost employee efficiency

Time Management

Unlimited Flexibility & Customization

Farsight’s time and attendance management software offers virtually unlimited flexibility in configuring company policies, setting up leave and payroll rules, defining different stages of leave approval, mapping employee time, and calculating overtime. Simplify HR processes by customizing and automating leave approval workflows.

Time Management

Leave Approval & Shift Management

Whether your employees are working remotely, from their home, or working part-time, manage their time and attendance using a unified company calendar. Accept or reject leave applications and schedule shifts as per employee availability easily. Farsight’s solutions are ready for the hybrid workplace model.

Understand How Employee Time Is Being Utilized and Spent With Farsight’s Time & Attendance Software

Time Management
Time Management

Geo-fencing & Geo-tagging

To ensure maximum security and prevent abuse, the solution has GPS-enabled features. With geo-fencing, you can ensure that employees punch in and out within the specified office radius and with geo-tagging, you can track the on-field progress of employees through different locations.

employee time tracking software
time management software

Self-Service & Remote Access

Farsight’s time and attendance module helps employees keep track of their work timing, leaves, and shifts across devices and provides remote access to submit requests, approve leaves, change shift timing, and update time sheets. The solution is a lot more than just a time or attendance ledger.

Track Vital KPIs with Real-Time Data

Instantly generate standard reports such as muster roll, monthly performance, continuous absenteeism, and leave registers based on the latest data to track vital KPIs. Stay on top of how your employees, departments, and teams are prioritizing their time and get real-time insights on how to improve these metrics.

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time and attendance management system software

Cloud-based Intuitive Dashboard

The easy-to-use single-window application has been developed entirely in-house. Alongside enhanced cloud security and customization options, the module has a very intuitive design interface that requires minimal training. Everyone gets access to the same information and records in a safe and transparent manner.


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Time Management

A wonderful, user-friendly HR solution! Farsight HR Solution helped us implement ESS (Employee Self Service) portal for our large enterprise, which made both employees and Human Resources more productive. User-oriented interface and professional team.

Vice President

CPF India

Time Management

For us, Farsight has become much more than a software solution provider. Farsight has been our helping hand with implementing business automation. The team's expertise, skill, and commitment to excellence are what makes them so great.

Head IT

Mushahi Auto Parts

Time Management

I would like to place on record my sincere appreciation for helping us to automate the Salary Revision Exercise and also the Leave Management System at Schneider Electric India. We have had huge challenges in the past to manage these 2 complex exercises and it was a nightmare for HR every March/April. However when we engaged you and worked closely to develop a Software Tool customised for Schneider Electric, our lives have become very much easy. What used to be a pain for us became a huge gain for HR Shared Services.

Vice President – India HR Services

Schneider Electric

Time Management

With Farsight’s Employee Self Service Portal, our Vision of implementing an HR Software in Honda R&D (India) could be realized for the easy and smooth functioning of operations. Processes and Policies were well understood by the Team and extended a solution in the System, we look forward for more such customizations where customer is always given a priority. We wish them success for all the future endeavors.

General Manager – Administration Head

Honda R&D (India) Pvt. Ltd.