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Project Management and Timesheet Software

Project Management & Timesheet Software

We provide the best web-based project planning software and employee time tracking software solution. The module accurately calculates and provides estimation of project costs, project revenue and timelines. The robust project management system and time tracker provide information and data on employee utilization and time estimation while defining the client bills and employee payrolls.


Project Management

Employee Utilization

Project planning software defines and maximizes efficiency by focusing on tasks undertaken by employees with the use of analytics

Project Management

Cost and Time Estimation

Project management system and time tracker accurately calculate quantitative estimates of project costs, resources cost and duration

Project Management

Precise Computation

Agile project management and employee time tracking software enable deriving at exact estimation in terms of billing and payroll

Project Management


Project Management

Tracks Projects

Estimates the time and resources spent on projects by assimilating project management and time tracker system

Project Management

Generates Real-time Reports

Module brings to life portfolio dashboard and reports using Gantt chart defining project issues and risks

Project Management

Timesheet Tracking

Seamless integration of the employees’ attendance with the employee time tracking software

Project Management

Task Management

Project planning software aids in scheduling activities and resource allocation for diverse projects

Project Management

Shadow Resource Management

Employee time tracking platform allows effective shadowing fort training employees in specified jobs

Project Management

Budget, Cost & Billing

Project management software establishes hierarchies, milestones, budgets, Gantt charts, timesheets with billable hours

Project Management

Resource Utilization Report

Module prioritizes, distributes, re-prioritizes and re-distributes resources based on employee’s productivity

Project Management

Release Resource Workflow

Time tracking software allows monitoring of a resource at a specified time using workflow chart

Project Management

Seamless integration

Project management and time tracker software can easily be combined with existing project management tools

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Project Management
Project Management

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Project Management

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