Drive key business outcomes, while engaging your workforce

Empower your people to perform at the highest level through clear OKRs, 360 feedback and goal setting

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Hold remote teams accountable through clear objectives and key results

Manage your team’s performance from anywhere with our transparent goal setting and feedback tools

Performance Appraisal

Goals & OKRs

Set individual goals and establish the key results that align with your desired business outcomes. Measure and track your team’s progress and success in real time with on-going updates

Performance Appraisal

Collaboration & Accountability

Allow teams and individuals to create their own goals and improvement plans in collaboration with their line managers. Empower your team to take ownership of their own success, while providing the resources, support and tools they need

Performance Appraisal

Insights & Analytics

Identify team or company-level trends to proactively address preventable setbacks by combining internal and external data. Easily justify needed training and development initiatives and budget increases with our advanced reporting

Performance Appraisal

Feedback, Recognition

Boost your company culture with peer-to-peer recognition, public praise, and private constructive feedback. Take effective communication to the next level productive team conversations and problem-solving

Performance Appraisal

Custom Review Cycles

Align your review cycles with job accountabilities, sales cycles, your fiscal calendar or any other criteria, based on your needs

Performance Appraisal

Skills Tests

Allow your team to demonstrate their KSAs through job-specific online assessments. Use test results to identify skills gaps, training needs, and to improve succession and workforce planning


Our Most Popular Features

Manage your team’s performance from anywhere and stay up-to date

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Continuous feedback for immediate impact

Say goodbye to archaic annual performance evaluations. Farsight’s agile, on-going feedback tool allows your team to quickly course correct. With specific, actionable, and timely employee feedback, your enterprise will reduce turnover, increase engagement and improve performance outcomes.


360 Degree feedback to enhance employee development

Farsight’s performance management system allows enterprises to combine peer, self, manager and customer assessment data for a holistic view of each employee’s impact on the business. Employees fully understand their strengths and opportunities through transparent, timely feedback.

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Invite external stakeholders to provide feedback at any time by simply adding an email address

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Improve outcomes across your entire organization through consistent, scalable processes

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Reduce administrative labor and overhead costs via intelligent automation and employee self-service

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No more double entry! Seamlessly share data from your ERP and other external sources for impactful reporting and analytics

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Manage your people's performance from any device, anywhere

With our user-friendly mobile app, remote and local teams can easily access their performance stats and request and receive in-the-moment feedback from team members and managers.

Performance Appraisal

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