A better way to say, “Goodbye”

Learn how Farsight provides the right offboarding process for your enterprise

Well-coordinated exits

Our offboarding feature allows you to create custom workflows, alerts and reminders to ensure that everyone involved in the offboarding process is on the same page- All while saving money and helping the environment with a 100% paperless offboarding process.

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Enhance your employer brand with great last impressions

Farsight allows you to easily keep your departing employees informed and supported through exit interview, final payroll reminders, and easy access for former employees to view past payment records and other employment information

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Automate routine & time-sensitive tasks

Automatically revoke access to company systems, remove separated employees from your org chart and send important separation documents with the click of a button.​

Shine a light on employee turnover

Farsight’s fully integrated reporting tool provides powerful insights about your company’s turnover. The information collected during offboarding allows you to run reports to see who is leaving and why. Easily pull data from all built-in tools to understand:
- if high or low performers are leaving,
- which supervisors and departments have the most voluntary resignations,
- if departing employees were paid higher or lower than the market cost to replace them and
- many other turnover trends over time.

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Compliant & Secure Employee Data Retention.

Maintain your former employees’ personnel records securely in the cloud. Keep your data and documents in the system as long as you need, based on your established information retention schedule and role-based access.

Take regulation and conformity to the next level ​

With too many software and applications, managers and employees always have a vested interest in security. Farsight helps you control data security by automatizing checklists for a proper offboarding process.


What you can accomplish


Thank your employees for work, time and effort they invested in the company with an interview that gives you insights into weaknesses and strengths


Notify the departing employee to complete their offboarding checklists and recover to protect network security


Keep your org charts and directories up to date prevent internal confusion making sure the final pay process is actually carried out


Staying in touch has other benefits, too. offboarding process is critical in ensuring your departing employees stay loyal future customers and ambassadors


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