Engage and retain talented people with excellent onboarding

A great onboarding experience sets the tone for employee engagement. Let Farsight show you how.

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Task Management

Assign role-based onboarding tasks

Onboarding employees takes a village! Managers, IT, HR, and team members all play important roles in preparing for a new hire’s first day. Farsight looks ahead to provide a complete onboarding experience with on-going task reminders and resources. Whether your onboarding lasts weeks or months, Farsight’s onboarding tool sets your new employees up for success.

Virtual Workflow

Digital signatures, forms & filing

Farsight’s software provides a seamless, cloud-based onboarding experience that is customized to your workforce. Create forms, assign fields, and set signing orders for multiple users to electronically send and sign documents. Autopopulate form fields with company and employee data. Then sit back, while the system automatically files completed documents in each employee’s virtual personnel file.

top employee onboarding programs
Employee Onboarding

Socially Responsible

Help the environment by reducing paper waste

top employee onboarding programs


Easily comply with pay, benefit, and tax requirements

Pay and benefit administration has never been so simple. Our intuitive and fully integrated system combined with employee self-service allows your enterprise to accurately maintain Provident Fund and Employees’ State Insurance contributions and process KYC documentation and Investment Declaration forms for your new hires- all securely in the cloud.

Background Verification

Hire right with built-in background check support

Bad hires are expensive! Hiring right means vetting the backgrounds of new team members. Farsight’s onboarding software supports background verification in coordination with your chosen background check agency. Agents can access the needed employee information and report background check results within the system. At-a-glance results, as well as detailed reports allow employers full visibility into their new team member’s work history, reference checks and criminal background.

hr employee onboarding software
Employee Onboarding

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