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Employee Satisfaction Survey


Farsight has devised a unique module in its HCM Engine that works for Employee satisfaction survey and polls whenever required. It helps to identify various employee opinions across departments which further helps in internal analytics of work culture.The three main areas in which employee engagement is most commonly measured include cognitive, emotional and behavioral. With increasing pressure of becoming more efficient, lot of organizations are actually going through financial crisis in terms of their annual budgets. Hence, the employees are now getting indulged into an advanced solution which helps the organizations to get more ROI with lesser resources and reduced cost.

Farsight’s Employee Satisfaction Survey tool implements shared services with core HR Solution and empowered the HR managers to bring significant culture to the firm. The HR Managers can stock the question banks with any number of questions and prepare questionnaires for different departments separately. The employees can answer the questionnaire either in a subjective or objective manner.

Depending on the department,the managers can choose relevant questions for the assignment and report the answers in a systematic manner. The employees can answer these questions online which further negates the chances of any human error or discrepancy.

The HR Managers have a freedom to choose between keeping the feedback form anonymous or be tagged with their name or employee id depending on the executives will. Keeping it anonymous makes it a fair play on the part of employees to generously fill the feedback. Tagging the employee will make the leaders aware of the problems being faced by any particular employee and will accordingly take corrective measures to build a healthy environment at the workplace.

The result of these surveys are in the form of graphs, percentile calculation and pie chart. The leaders can analyze these results for various departments and appropriate measures can be taken to resolve the issues faced by their respective employees. This will further strengthen the bond between the departmental team leaders & managers and their respective team members.

Farsight’s Employee Satisfaction Survey Module helps the HR Department to fulfill the gaps within an organization.

Management development:

Farsight’s Employee Satisfaction Survey Module portrays the complete picture of Employee’s understanding of organization and devises changes that shall be made to make the workplace more dynamic.

 Team development:

Employee Satisfaction Survey Module may also help the leaders to assess their teams’ performance and use these surveys in the development of their teams in terms of collaboration and team work in order to achieve tangible results.

Training and career development programs:

Employee Satisfaction Survey helps the HRs to identify the required competencies missing within employees and accordingly helps in creating a development plan for them. Following are the benefits that can be derived by Farsight’s HR Tool which empowers analytics:

  • Allow managers to create departmental plans
  • Promotes step wise planning
  • Ensures that the plans are goal oriented
  • Analyses the workforce required and delegate the work to employees with relevant expertise.

Benefits of Farsight’s Employee Satisfaction Survey Module:

  • Employee’s Satisfaction
  • Builds Strong Communication
  • Development of Management
  • Healthy Spirit of Competition
  • Devising Effective Policies to Generate Benefits

Human resource management is an upscale affair and proves to be the most productive in the business. Farsight’s HR Solution includes all the attributes required in organization for optimal manpower working and is flexible enough to completely utilize the business processes by customizing it to suit client’s requirements.