Remote Performance Management for the Anywhere Employee

When the year 2020 started, a typical manager may perhaps have managed a handful of remote employees; but in the past six months, a sizeable part of the world has been pushed to embrace a work from home pattern because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are having some or all of their employees work from home for the near future.

Working remotely, also known as working from home, is carrying out work at a site other than a formal duty station. Today, with laptops, high-speed communications, and ubiquitous portable communications gadgets, employees can work from anywhere. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused massive changes in how companies operate.

Today, whether it is a big corporation or a small business; requires new approaches for performance management and operations management. Business management needs a new and efficient method during these unprecedented times of extended lockdowns and social distancing.  With most employees of reputed companies working from home, tracking and management of performance need to think new parameters. This comes with many challenges when companies are exploring new ways to track the productivity of their employees who are working from home. If you’re conversant with managing remote workers, then you may by now have systems and procedures in place for calculating remote employee productivity.

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Today, let’s discuss how you can manage creative online performance reviews and drive professional growth in the process. Here are the steps that every performance management team should concentrate on to improve the company productivity, and for successfully managing remote workers.

Goal Setting

Describe Goals and plans clearly and communicate them to your remote workers so that your employees know that meeting their specific goals contributes to the organizational goals. As a manager, fixing goals for your remote employees is your primary duty. Goals; help employees decide what they would like to focus on, and managers can track an employee’s performance. When workforces achieve their goals, it is easy to sum up what needs to be done next.

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Govern for Outcomes

Re-visit approved goals to make sure that they are still fit for targets. Afterward, manage and encourage for results around projects and goals. Do not micromanage unless you are dealing with a serious underachiever. Use the Talent Template to classify the team member’s present skills and motivation levels. Appreciate on every occasion and question when necessary.

Trust your Employee

Once employees are clear about their responsibility, and have the necessary resources, trust your staff to get on with it. Make sure you are open to communication and have a virtual open door when they need your assistance. For remote working to be successful you need the greatest levels of trust with your employees. Bosses must be clear with their direct reports in relation to the goals and objectives.  Once approved, and to succeed, there must be trust.

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Encourage Responsibility

Remote Performance Management for the Anywhere Employee
Excited company boss or team leader introducing new employee to colleagues in office welcoming hired newcomer member congratulating with promotion applauding celebrating reward, supporting coworker

It’s essential for your workforce to know that working remotely doesn’t mean going under the radar. Once a month at least there should be a video one-on-one meeting between managers and their employees to make sure that targets are set and met, and any problems that arise are tackled immediately. This not only guarantees that the employee is on track, but it also keeps the workforces involved and happy about their work, even if they’re not surrounded by their team.

Communicate Unambiguously and Hands-on

When your staff are working from home, you are already reducing on daily office costs – be it printing charges, electricity and utility bills or travel allowance. You as the team head need to proactively organize for Google Meet or Zoom or Teams video meetings, follow up on given jobs, inspire co-players by sharing positive news and make direct calls to see how’s everyone doing.


Encourage your employees to self-evaluate. Ask them to record the capacities that they think they are good at and the areas that they think need to be better. Also, ask them to evaluate the functioning of their group. By doing this, you are giving them a chance to know where they stand. Also, share your view about their feedback. Having many conversations about their working plans and performance motivates employees to achieve more.

Remote work is here to stay – Are you prepared?

While it’s demanding to manage employees across different continents and time zones, the digital world lets you to adjust in ways that make physical barriers non-existent.  Support the use of cloud-based technology and begin meaningful professional relationships. Remote employees are faced with unique challenges, and you must know those challenges to successfully manage them as part of your team.

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Weekly performance checking should be supplemented by regular one-on-one meetings between managers and their employees to train and lead the advancement of employees. Managing remote employees doesn’t require a mystic talent. If you communicate well, embrace them as part of the team, and put in the time to build trust, you can do it and do it well and worth the effort.

In the face of adversity, we have a choice. We can be bitter, or we can be better. Those words are my North Star.” – Caryn Sullivan.

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