Future HR Roles every H.R. should be aware of.

Future HR Roles every H.R. should be aware of.


HR is at a turning point. During these times of rapidly changing economics, we believe HR is faced with a stark choice. It can either evolve and make a significant contribution, or be diminished and dispersed into the business.” Evolving the HR Function for the 21st Century Deloitte

The pandemic has reshaped and forced organizations into finding new ways of work – how & where we work. It has also thrown up many new possibilities. The role of the Human Resources Function is under scrutiny and calls for re-thinking HR roles. HR will have to tweak roles & responsibilities to meet the evolving business requirements and will have to work with technology and leverage it for a more efficient delivery system. Technology will play a greater role in all aspects of Business and HR will have to learn to live with it and leverage it for its own advantage.

We are seeing the rise of un-heard jobs which have arisen out of the need to respond to unprecedented crisis and the need to ensure Business continuity and also the safety and welfare of its employees.

The future of work post-pandemic is still to evolve and is a work in progress. But it is imperative that the HR Leaders start looking into the future and proactively create roles and positions that will help HR be better positioned to meet the new challenges.

Here are some of the future HR Roles :


Business Continuity Leader

Will be responsible to ensure that Businesses plan for any eventualities that have the potential to disrupt business and mission-critical functions. Must adopt a proactive, process-oriented, and risk management approach to crisis situations and business interruptions. In the event of any interruptions be able to bring business back to work with minimum downtime.

HR Data Detective

Will be responsible to understand how Data is generated, collated, interpreted, and used for decision making. Help businesses make informed opinions about the data and ensure consistency and authenticity of the data. Be able to understand the Data Life cycle and check back on the lineage of the data source. Overall responsible for the quality of the data and its reliability. 

WFH Facilitator

The person will facilitate a seamless working arrangement of Work from Home. Will put in place policies, support systems, and plans for infrastructure to help employees to work from home and ensure processes, systems, and quality of work. At the same time will help organizations to engage, monitor, and motivate employees remotely.


Chatbot Trainer

The person will be involved in designing the Chatbot, putting in place rules of the engagement, feedback loop, and helping the Chatbot to be sensitive to human behavior and emotions. Will be responsible for monitoring the performance of the Chatbot, accuracy, and re-train the Chatbots using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing techniques.


Robot Psychologist

Will be responsible to work with Robots and understand their way of work, putting in place rules of engagement, feedback loop and helping the Robots to be sensitive and mindful of human behaviors and emotions. Will also help/train the Robots to understand Human Behavior and emotions using AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Repetitive Learning techniques and react to Human behavior & emotions. I Will work to ensure that both co-exist peacefully at the workplace.


Human-Machine Collaborator

The person will act as a bridge between people and machines and ensure that they co-exist in tandem at the workplace. They will define the rules of engagement and ensure safe working conditions and work towards increased collaboration between the two of them.


Algorithm Auditor

The person will be responsible for reviewing all codes and software and ensuring that the outcome is in line with the designed expectations and in compliance with the laws of the land. They must review algorithms to ensure that they protect the privacy and are free from bias and discrimination. They must create audit checklists and be able to flag any potential risks pro-actively. Work towards augmenting the Trust in technology and Algorithms.


Chief People Vision Officer

Will be responsible for building a People Strategy for the organization and look beyond day-to-day operations. Will have to look into the future and take into account the future evolution of work and work towards meeting those challenges proactively. Will have to work closely with all stakeholders to “make the most of People”.


Employee Experience Director

This role will work to ensure that employees are provided a superior experience similar to what we strive for in our customer experience. Will have to understand the employee touchpoints in the Employee Life Cycle and work with HR and other stakeholders to ensure that seamless service is provided to the Employees. Must also act as the feedback mechanism to help any course correction.


Workplace Optimization & Planner

The person will determine how many employees will be required to work from the office and how many will work remotely. Will have to plan with all stakeholders to ensure that the Office premises are planned and utilized with maximum utilization and minimal wastages. Will require manage the Real Estate efficiently and ensuring business continuity.


Virtual Reality Trainer

Will be responsible for using Virtual Reality for Training & Development. Will have to work with the developers to create VR models for various situations & training and then be able to use them in live training. Will also help in designing and redesigning the VR modules on a continuous basis based on feedback and live experiences.


GIG Workforce Manager

Will be responsible to manage a large contingent of workforce who are not on the permanent rolls of the company but yet are key for delivery and success of the company operations. It will have to be able to attract, monitor, develop, review & reward these employees to make the most of them.


Chief Wellness Officer

Will be responsible to put in place a Wellness policy and program and continuously monitor the Wellness of employees in the organization. Will have to work towards promoting a wholistic Wellness culture taking into consideration Body, Mind & Soul.


Remote Culture Manager

Will be responsible to communicate, engage and ensure alignment of individual and organizational goals working way from office and remotely. Will have to work towards building an Employer Brand and sustaining organizational culture true to its philosophy and values. Has to ensure that employees feel valued and motivated. Has to also ensure that ethics and work etiquette are maintained.


Organisation Network Analyst

Will have to understand the intricate networks in the organization and be able to facilitate teamwork and collaboration in a virtual world. Will have to work with HR in building an agile work environment that helps in cross-functional collaborations and help in task optimization.



About Author:

Mr. Ramesh Ranjan, Advisor – Farsight Technologies | Founder & Editor – Human Engineers

Mr. Ramesh has served the H.R. and Businesses for 35 Years. He is a former V.P. of H.R. in Schneider electric and worked in Indian & Multi-National Companies in various capacities, including leadership role for the last 20 years.

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