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5 Smart Tips to Deal with an Employee’s Negative Behavior


Farsight Each person tries to behave in his or her best way, however, Every organization possesses some employees who irritate others with their idiosyncrasies. Such people usually stand out and perturb the professional work culture. The HR function thus must play a proactive role in dealing with the negative behavior of such employees. There are 5 smart tips to deal with it.

Never point out the person but the behavior: The HR must set excellent examples of pointing out an error without getting personal. It is better to use instances of misbehavior without addressing the person who showed negative behavior..

Don’t react instantly: One must not react instantly to a negative behavior. It is good to maintain secrecy and deal it within the room instead of publicly shouting..

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Listen with sympathy, Confront like a friend:Always be sympathetic to problems of difficult employees, but confront where he is often wrong. Explain him the consequences it may have on his career, affect his appraisals or future.Appraised behavior gets repeatedThere may be cases employee’s negative behavior is due to lack of attention to him. HR and team lead should keep complimenting employees on dressing sense, or a clean desk or any other positive behavior is a good way to encourage the positive sides and make them focus on their good traits.

Please always remember, employees with negative behavior are also a part of our social and professional environment and need to be dealt gently. Therefore, HR needs to strike a balance between pampering and confrontation.

Moreover, HR or Management can arrange sessions on SIR (Strength, Instance & Reference) and WIRF (Weakness, Instance, Reference & Feedback) in order to give regular feedback on employee behavior. In these sessions, team members, casually, share what kind of behavior they like the most and the least while referring incidents of positive and negative behaviors held in the recent period, and their take on such behaviors. .