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5 HR Challenges


According to the Hudson report, 22% of respondents expect that talent development will take precedence as HR’s first priority moving into 2010. Improvement of talent development strategies and delivery will be the key to leveraging the available talent as effectively as possible, especially for success-critical positions.
Mercer adds that developing high-potential talents for the future should also be high on HR’s agenda. Being one of the top executive talent challenges faced by companies in Asia, leadership development initiatives must be stepped up in order to avoid talent shortages at the most crucial levels.
Some of the key challenges of HR are as under:

    • Managing Knowledge Workers – Competitors will once again able to afford to hire and poach. In particular, employees who were more closely scrutinizing remuneration and benefits, job security and career advancement prospects in other companies will gladly make the move as hiring freezes are lifted. Proactive HR strategies must be implemented now to retain employees. Employers should ensure future leaders are given access to future development and learning opportunities to accelerate their skills development. They must also gain a better understanding of the skills, competencies and behaviours that will be required of leaders in their organizational culture, and assess the gap between these needs and existing talents.


    • Managing Technological Challenges – More companies are becoming global organizations as they try to recruit abroad, integrate diverse cultures and retain foreign talent. Hence the main job of HR manager is to get the work out from all of them by creating the same atmosphere.


    • Developing Leadership techniques – One of the major jobs that entails HR manager’s role is to create leaders rather than managers.


    • Hiring right candidate – This is the vital challenge of a HR manager. He not only needs to ensure that the position is filled, but also should be sure that the person who has been recruited should also enjoy the job. A challenge for human resource managers is finding skilled workers to fill the positions in a company. The recruitment strategy for human resources must include methods to determine the skills of applicants for a position. This may include testing, interview techniques and thorough background checks. The manager must determine applicants skill sets and the potential match for the company.


  • Managing Change Talent retention and development – The emotional well-being of employees is more important than ever before. The days of staying at one company are over, mobility is the new norm. And with that, employees will increasingly make job choices based on family considerations and a desire to have a life outside of work. There are various technologies which enable HR managers to overcome these challenges. Farsight IT Solutions is a leading Advisory Services provider for those technologies.