Protect your company against a Cyber Pandemic

As there has been a new 4th revolution, new "pandemics" have also evolved. The evolution of Cybersecurity was speedy during the last ten years. Due to Covid-19, as most office employees continued their work from home, companies became more mobile, and Cybersecurity changed its landscape. Why is the cybersecurity situation so challenging despite years of attention? One major challenge is that we rely on systems and components that were not designed with modern threats in mind.

Protect your company against a Cyber Pandemic

What are the key common diagnosis symptoms of Cyber pandemic?

Protect your company against a Cyber Pandemic

Critical Cyber Security Tips:

These phishing e-mails are typically e-mail or messages pretending to be from legitimate delivery companies or campaigns.

Greeting e-cards are mainly used to infect computer users with keylogger malware for stealing credit card details by cybercriminals.

It is mainly observed before holidays and is considered the festive hacking season of cyber hackers as sale campaigns are mostly announced during these periods of the year. The following holiday seasons are peak periods for such attacks: Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

The main gain using survey scams by hackers is luring small amounts of money, which can eventually escalate to larger amounts. The main challenge is that there are legitimate surveys for prizes and money. As most people stay at home due to COVID-19, cybercriminals are hitting e-mail boxes with survey scams.

Charity scams are used for seeking donations, but the collected money goes to the fake charity’s owner. These attacks are often used after widespread incidents, endemic and pandemic situations, tragedies, and wars.

The term bot attack refers to any instance in which hackers use Internet robots to illegitimately enter a network, obtain private data from it, and wreak general havoc within it. Actually, these bad bots are usually part of an interlinked system of compromised machines known as a botnet. There are also some relevant strategies for preventing such types of attacks.

Morphing is mainly an image processing technique used for the metamorphosis from one image to another. Morphing attacks are mostly observed in enrolment processes during identity controls. In order to avoid morphing attacks in the first place, passport applications should be made with live enrolment, meaning the facial photo is captured under supervision in the application process.

Key CYBERSECURITY STRATEGIES that might have a significant impact on your company:

Protect your company against a Cyber Pandemic

Develop cyber security policy, procedures and manuals aligned with company business strategy

Protect your company against a Cyber Pandemic

Announce a cyber security day in a month and a week before every seasonal holidays

Protect your company against a Cyber Pandemic

Develop relevant onboarding and training content for cyber security awareness

Protect your company against a Cyber Pandemic

Use reliable software solution and HR systems

There are arising new sorts of cyber-attacks as well, and they become endemic after some time. The essential medicine for this pandemic is ongoing awareness sessions and training courses. The most effective and cost-efficient strategy for an organization to improve cyber consciousness and resilience is high-quality cybersecurity training.

Build cyber consciousness within your team by building proper awareness sessions and campaigns

Protect your company against a Cyber Pandemic

It is developing necessary policies and procedures for building baseline and ground rules in the company. Work on maintaining continuous momentum and employee engagements. But to avoid vulnerable human behaviors, HR, Security, and Risk Management leaders should be very attentive and careful in exploiting ineffective security awareness campaigns. It should not be considered as mandatory training or just a part of some digitalization project. Such types of campaigns should be on an ongoing basis and should be conducted organization-wide.

The security awareness computer-based training (SACBT) market is characterized by vendor offerings that include ready-to-use, interactive content modules. These modules are available as cloud-hosted SaaS applications or on-premises deployments via client-managed learning management systems (LMSs). Also, they support the  Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standard to support integration with corporate learning management systems.

Vendors typically offer security awareness content delivery through various digital endpoints and provide a platform to operationalize a security awareness program.

Cybersecurity awareness’s key goals are mainly enhancing employee knowledge, driving behaviour change, changing security “rituals,” ensuring regulatory compliance, and reinforcing behavioural expectations on an ongoing basis.

Will it be possible to “vaccinate” the cyber pandemic? Unfortunately, it is challenging to answer this question, and let’s assume that it will not be possible for the next decade. So, let’s equip ourselves and be ready before any cyber-attacks kick our door.

Moreover, it will be a win-win strategy for your company: we show more attention to our workforce’s needs, and in return, they protect our digital assets.

Protect your company against a Cyber Pandemic

Gunay Teymurova

HR Consultant

Protect your company against a Cyber Pandemic
Protect your company against a Cyber Pandemic

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