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Optimize your hiring with India’s best recruitment software

Farsight’s Recruitment Module has been carefully designed to help HR professionals and recruiters create an efficient hiring process. The portal has been designed in consultation with HR leaders and experts to address common pain-points that strain the hiring cycle.

As one of India’s best recruitment software, Farsight’s module has been deployed by leaders in diverse industries. The easy-to-use module requires minimal training and has helped HR teams worldwide optimize their hiring process.

With features like multi-channel publication, integration with job portals, interview scheduling, resume parsing and filtering, background verification, instant documentation, and smart insights, our recruitment platform helps you hire better.

Optimize Your Hiring
Optimize Your Hiring

Farsight’s Recruitment Software: Enabling Better Hiring

Single Window Solution

Farsight makes it easy to track candidates throughout the entire hiring process by providing all recruitment related information on a single dashboard. The dashboard contains an overview of all positions, candidates, and interviews, and their status is updated in real-time.

This single window serves as the gateway to all your recruitment-related decision-making without having to struggle between multiple applications or documents. What’s more, by combining all vital functions and data in a single window, access, control, and management become simpler. In other words, workforce planning becomes better with Farsight.

Custom Approvals and Workflows

Our recruitment software offers the flexibility to incorporate your company’s unique hiring policies, approvals, and workflows. You can set up multi-step workflows as per your company hiring policy and manage individual or role-based permissions.

By automating time-consuming and mechanical processes, Farsight helps you improve productivity and efficiency across the team. By accurately and timely implementing your workflows, Farsight’s recruitment software improves success rates and brings down hiring costs. Once it has been configured, the portal will serve as the foundation to effortlessly manage the entire recruitment process by streamlining your distinct workflows and approvals.

Optimize Your Hiring
Optimize Your Hiring


At Farsight, we understand that hiring doesn’t work with a cookie-cutter approach. To scout for the best talent, you need a recruitment platform that works the way you want it to. Our recruitment portal can be easily customized to add new functionalities, execute new processes, and change as per organizational policies.

Farsight’s entire recruitment module has been developed in-house, which means that you get greater flexibility to tailor it to your specific requirements. Get in touch with our team to know more about how you can create a customized recruitment platform.

Farsight’s Recruitment Module: Enhancing Candidate Experience

In today’s competitive market, a positive candidate perception is vital to attract top talent. How past candidates view your recruitment process can influence the quality and quantity of future candidates.

A disjointed candidate experience can be detrimental to your employer brand as more than 7 in 10 candidates share their negative candidate experience online or in their network.

Farsight’s recruitment software helps you cultivate a positive and consistent candidate experience by standardising operations, automating workflows, and removing redundancies. You also get valuable analytical insights on candidate progress, engagement, response rate, activity, hiring cost, and other powerful metrics.

Optimize Your Hiring
Optimize Your Hiring

Build an unforgettable candidate experience with Farsight

Clarity and Transparency

By offering integrations with leading job portals, social media platforms, and other applications, Farsight’s multi-channel reach helps you promote the right information to the right candidate. Clear job descriptions, set timelines, and detailed application steps further enhance transparency and trust in the process.

With Farsight’s recruitment software, you can attract potential top candidates with accurate job information on platforms of their choice. By providing candidates with the relevant details and resources, Farsight helps you engage the right candidate and kick off the hiring process at the right footing.

Flexible Interview Scheduling

Say goodbye to maintaining excel sheets and writing emails to candidates! Farsight’s comprehensive recruitment software enables fixing interviews and even conducting them online and offline. What’s more, you can set the workflow for single or multiple-round interviews too.

With consistent and standard interview steps, both recruiters and candidates are empowered to navigate the process with ease. Farsight takes care of the scheduling and communication so that recruiters can focus more on personal engagement by being more responsive.

Optimize Your Hiring
Optimize Your Hiring

Timely Communication

A lack of response and update from employers is the leading cause of a negative candidate experience. With Farsight, you can automate communication with all candidates, beginning from scheduling interviews to sending them offer letters.

Farsight’s recruitment portal helps you set templates for different communication and send one-click emails by inputting the candidate information. Thus, timely interview schedules, follow-ups, and instantly-generated offers and appointment letters will help you save time and keep candidates in the loop.

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