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It is a technology application that can help employers manage and look after their employees, usually supporting a range of HR functions, from hiring to exit. In includes a modular system to help you select whichever functions your organization needs.

It will improve the efficiency of your HR team. It will improve your employee experience. It will help you make better decisions. It will improve your regulatory compliance. An HRMS solution puts important information at your fingertips. Self-service portals streamline communication and allow employees to access and have some degree of control over their own information, it can boost feelings of empowerment and engagement. The HR team can be utilized in other productive assignments.

For companies that have operated successfully without HR software, obtaining and implementing the software may seem like an unnecessary burden. The system frees up time for the human aspects of HR and improves security of sensitive information. It not only offers actionable insights but also minimizes compliance risks. Any kind of business can benefit from HR software.

There’s not a universally agreed upon definition of what each term means, and terminology, will vary from vendor to vendor. However, HRIS is usually the narrowest solution, with HCM offering more components and HRMS having the broadcast scope.

HR Technology changes the way HR departments contact employees, store files and analyze employee performance. Used well, technology makes HR practices more efficient. When used poorly, it can get in the way of managing the company’s human resources. Good HR practices maximize the benefits and minimize the problems.

HR software offers below features:
• User-centric design.
• Seamless data reconciliation.
• Automated notifications.
• Attendance and leave tracking.
• Employee self-service.
• Dynamic reports
• Defined user roles

We not only offer cloud-based solution, but we also offer server-based solution with a minimum capping of 1000 users.

We have our head office in Faridabad, Haryana. This is the only location where we are physically located. However, we serve our customers who have PAN India presence.

HCM Engine is a ready to go-live software which follows the most hassle-free implementation process to make the system ready to Go-live within a month once all the pre-requisites are shared. The implementation time required depends on what modules are opted and how quick the pre-requisites are shared with us.

Farsight follows the best implementation practices to make the system ready to go-live within the project timelines. Once we receives the pre-requisites (employee data & policies), our team verifies the data, share the inputs and prepares a detailed implementation plan and share the same with the customer for having a common tracker to monitor the progress as per the given timelines.

In case of on-premises deployment, you will require to deploy IT resource from your end for this project who will help us in providing the necessary infrastructure required for software installation and necessary access connection whenever required. In case of on-cloud deployment, require your IT resource for providing necessary inputs for the data integration such biometric device or ERP which you may be using currently.

Once the problem is registered on our CRM and ticket is generated, based on the type of the issue, there is turnaround time (TAT) defined and the solution will be provided for the registered issue by our support helpdesk team.

Once any client raises a ticket through the CRM, the ticket gets assigned to any of the engineer from the support team. Before accessing the client’s data from the cloud server, the support engineer needs to take prior approvals from project head and for which they need to generate an OTP which is sent to the project head. Once the engineer receives the OTP then only, they can access client’s data. This eliminates all the access level challenges and issues completely. Secondly, the NDA is not only signed between Farsight and the client, but also between Farsight and its employees.

On completion of the respective module / phase implementation our team would be providing web training session to client wherein client needs to appoint a designated person as Trainer to whom we will provide the administrative and end-user training.
15. Do you offer mobile application with Geo Tagging and Geo Fencing features?
Ans: Yes. Our solution is available on both Android and iOS platform and supports access from multiple gadgets. It offers geo tagging and geo fencing to punch attendance. Apart from this it manages employee’s attendance and leave, payroll, PMS, etc.

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