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Statutory Compliance

Ensure compliance with laws, beat the market force!

It is imperative for businesses to comply with statutory and legal norms in India and worldwide. An employer not only needs to remain 100% legally compliant but also stays attuned to the ever changing statutory laws, especially in uncertain political environment like India. This requires valuable time, effort and resource allocation,which otherwise can be spared to focus more on organizational core competency.

At Farsight IT Solutions, we offer statutory compliance services as an ideal solution to ensure that customers stay at the right side of all their statutory and legal requirements and remain 100% legally compliant.

The key differentiators of Farsight statutory compliance services in India are exceptional team of experts, mature proven processes and high-end technologies which enable us as the first choice to partner with in the arena of Statutory Labour Law Compliance in India.

Our Services Include –
  1. StatutoryComplianceShops & Establishments (S&E) Compliance Services

    Farsight IT Solutions ensures that customer 100% comply to the provisions of state specific Shops & Establishments Act. Farsight experts provide best services right from the Registration to preparing and maintaining various Records & Registers.Farsight helps customers in holistically complying with other day-to-day business provisions of the Act relating to working hours, holidays, payment and deduction of wages, employment of women, opening and closure timings of shops etc.

  2. Factory Compliance Services

    Farsight experts help factory owners comply with the various provisions of Factories ACT, 1948 including provisions related to

    • Factory registration and day-to-day running
    • Labour Laws governing Working Hours, Eligibility and Minimum Wages of workers
    • Safety, health & welfare of the workers
    • Preparation, maintenance and submission of various forms, returns, registers & records
    • Conducting audits and inspections
  3. Payroll Compliance Management Services

    Farsight IT Solutions has industry best processes and tools built on high-end technologies essential to support rules and regulatory standards and specific Payroll & Labor laws applicable to India. Farsight offers payroll services to all sectors and manage their regulatory and statutory compliances for Provident Fund, ESIC, Professional Tax, Labour Welfare Fund and other deductions as applicable to your particular industry. We help you effectively:

    • Generate statutory reports including preparation and filing of PF forms, challans and inspections.
    • Preparation and Remittance of Taxes as per the respective local statutory norms.
    • Prepare, send, assess, submit and coordinate ESI wages, while assisting on audits and inspections.
  4. Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition Act (CLRA) Management

    As contacts and contact labours have become regular part of modern businesses, organizations must comply with the current CLRA Acts governing such engagements. Farsight team of experts in CLRA compliance management, ensures that customers periodically comply with all the provisions related to the Acts and effectively record, maintain and submit various registers including

    • Muster roll
    • Register of wages