Payroll Insights SaaS

Payroll Insights software as a service (SaaS) is a new model to deliver our Payroll Software which is accessed via a web browser and is paid on a subscription basis (monthly or yearly). Payroll Insights, best online HR payroll solution in India, is a flexible cloud based model to render payroll software as a service to achieve operational efficiency and payroll accuracy flexibly at a nominal monthly subscription.Organizations enjoy flawless payroll management services and manage entire payroll process on secure cloud through Payroll insights Software as a Service (saas). Besides, our web based payroll SaaS software offers time-saving self-service to employees, including online pay slips, year-end tax statements (India), and payment elections.

Anywhere, Anytime

Users get flexibility to access application from anywhere, anytime. They only need an internet connection to access this web based payroll software application.

Faster Implementation

It is faster and a cost effective way to getting implemented.

No Hardware Costs

Moreover, there is no need of servers and other hardware implementation or acquisition costs involved to run the application from the customer’s side.

No IT Dependency

Normally, it is the responsibility of the SaaS vendor to manage and run the application with utmost security, performance and reliability. Therefore, customer needs not to have specialized IT team to manage application.

 Access to features

Since customers pay a subscription, they have immediate access to the new features and functionality. Unlike traditional software where upgrades would happen once a year or once in six months (with the vendor coming to your office with a CD), the SaaS vendor continuously pushes new updates, fixes to the application, which is immediately accessible by the customer. This reduces the length of time it takes a customer to recognize value from the software.

Advantage of technology

Company can take advantage of the advanced technology of the vendor without affecting the flow of business and operations and higher investments.