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Managing Your Employee’s Leaves Costs You Thousands Every Month

…and it stops right now!

Running a successful business that grows is awesome, but it comes with many challenges – some of which you probably don’t even know about.

Let’s take the leaves of your employees for example. You hire more and more employees, because you need them, but do you factor in al the little details? As you’re reading this, your HR department is probably struggling to keep up with:

  • Who is on any kind of leave and who wants / needs to take one;
  • How much all of this costs to the business and can you afford it;
  • Who transfers days off from last year – and how many;
  • Based on all of the above information and the needs of your company – should new people be hired and how many.

All of the time and effort spent on this is costing your business thousands each month – and tens of thousands each year. Don’t you think there’s a better way to invest these money? There should be an easier way to handle this very specific challenge – and to handle it well.

Save money and make your employees happier!
Now you can.

Farsight IT Solutions is an internet platform that has revolutionized leave management. We have been offering amazing automized HR Software solutions to growing businesses for years now and we’re experts in this area. So let us tell you why leave management is so crucial for the success of your company.According to a recent research performed in Canada, offering more leave days and being flexible as to when and how employees can take advantage of them is among the top 3 factors in play when people choose their job. On top of that, one not being able to take advantage of his leave when he wants to and for as long as he wants to accounts for over 10% of the loss of perfectly capable employees. And while you may think that a huge part of that is how many days off you can afford to give, managing leaves is just as important!

Is employee retention important for your company? Optimize it all now! Here’s how we can help:

  • Almost entirely automated system where you can implement your specific leave policy – 100% customizable and applicable for any industry. Now you can manage the leaves of your employees with just a few clicks and never offer more than what you can afford!
  • Easy management of yearly leave budget, leaves being carried forward to next year, continuous number of leaves allowed and so much more! Our system includes a variety of functions and you can cherry-pick which ones you’d like to use.
  • Online access and a mobile app that lets you – and your HR team – adjust anything from anywhere. Ideal for international companies with employees all over the world.
  • Asking for a leave is also included within the system, so your employees will have an easy and fast way to get the days off they need – and this data will be immediately updated in the system.
  • Excellent customer support throughout – we’ll make sure all your questions are answered!
User friendly and affordable Leave Management tool? Sounds too good to be true!
Well, it is…

We know that the online space is filled with HR platforms that claim they’re the best. But we can prove it:

  • We’ve been in business for over 6 years now and we never stop learning, growing and updating our systems.
  • Our work-class solutions are currently being used in over 300 companies (you can adjust that number to what’s correct) working in 8 different countries (you can adjust that number to what’s correct).
  • Our customer retention rate is over 99%, even in highly competitive markets.

And here’s the best part – the Farsight IT Solutions Leave Management Software is not only the best out there, it’s also extremely affordable!

Welcome To The 21st Century, Here’s Some Love From Employees

You might still wonder how your employees would feel about you implementing such kind of platform. Yes, the benefits for managers and HR are obvious, but what about the average employee? Well, the average employee loves it! Here’s what some of our clients’ employees have to say about it:

Automation means growth
So are you ready to grow?

We’ve seen it time and time again – when a business streamlines its processes, it’s ready to duplicate its model and grow internationally. And if you’re going to streamline your leave management, choose Farsight IT Solutions!

Still not sure? You don’t have to decide right now. Instead, you can contact us and get detailed presentation of how the software works, proof of concept of the tool and reference check from existing clients.

Farsight is here to welcome your business in the future – a future of unbelievable opportunities, powerful partnerships and ever honored commitments.