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The Importance of Employee Self Service Portal & Mobile Apps


At this day and age, if there is one thing that’s key to the success of your business, it’s Employee Satisfaction. And while there are many ways to achieve that, offering employees clarity about who they are in your company and how to benefit from everything you offer is the foundation of it all.

Give Your Employees The Power To See, And Your Managers The Power To Manage

Just a few years ago giving your employees the power to clearly see and even control the work they do for you was absolutely impossible. But now, with the increasing incorporation of technology in business processes, we live in the day and age where Employee Self Service Portals aren’t a perk – they’re a must-have. How do we know? Here’s some statistics:

  • Over 80% of the companies worldwide think some sort of self-service best HR software solution is essential for employee satisfaction.
  • Over 43% see such platform as a great way for implementing gamification and distributing the company’s specific culture, which leads to increased employee engagement.
  • 61% of companies use three or more HR services platforms.

For the percentages to be this high, this system has to solve some sort of problem for business owners, right? It does! A user-friendly, multifunctional employee self-service platform:

  • Gives your employees the chance to oversee their own working process – including having access to updated information with regards to their leaves, their overtime, their place in the hierarchy of the business, their options for development. They can also submit various documents through relevant templates.
  • Saves your HR team a bunch of time answering questions. And let us remind you that your employees time costs you money!
  • Lets your HR team manage your employees better by offering them the option to prepare various in-depth analysis with just a few clicks, accept or reject an employee’s official request and much more! These options can also be used by the employee’s direct manager.
Why Farsight Employee Service Portal, The Importance Of User Experience

There are many options out there and when it comes to choosing Self-Service Platform for your employees, you have to be aware what is the #1 factor that matters: awesome user experience! Because if the platform is not user-friendly, people just won’t use it. Farsight IT Solutions is the company that knows HR and knows what Employee’s needs. When developing out Employee Self Service Platform, we focused on providing all benefits that such system should offer and packaging them in a great, fun, user-friendly design.

For example, our platform can be upgraded by installing some of our additional features and creating your ultimate, totally customizable all-in-one HR solution. You can add to the Employee Self Service program the Farsight e-Leave plug in, and also incorporate Payroll Insights, EPR System, Attendance Machines and practically whatever else you might need.

Another feature that many of our current clients love is the mobile app. So much of the work today is done outside the office! Does this mean you shouldn’t have access to all the information about yours – or an employee’s – status until you sit back on your desk? No, it doesn’t. The Farsight IT Solutions platform has your covered.

And while the user-experience is certainly the #1 thing you should look for when choosing an Employee Self Service Platform, another important factor is the price. Obviously, all smart business owners and managers are looking to optimize their expenses and using the products and services of Farsight Solutions is a great way to do that. Compared to the value we offer; we are more affordable than most of our competitors.

Welcome To The 21st Century, Here’s Some Love From Employees

You might still wonder how your employees would feel about you implementing such kind of platform. Yes, the benefits for managers and HR are obvious, but what about the average employee? Well, the average employee loves it! Here’s what some of our clients’ employees have to say about it:

“I love the fact that I can see my schedule from anywhere, along with the amount of days off that I can take advantage of. I love to travel – this is how I relax the most – and so always having this knowledge at my fingertips allows me to plan awesome vacations.”


“I’m trying to save up money. When there’s work to be done, I like staying over-time and being paid more. Being able to constantly see my overtime hours and knowing that I’ll be paid for these gives me the feeling of progressing towards my goal and it’s great!”

AamenSo if you’re ready to join the happy clients of Farsight IT Solutions into the 21st Century, we are here to welcome you and make your transition effortless. And if not, well, that’s ok. Whenever you are, we’ll be here to help!