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When you get an acquiescence from employee (formal or casual), let the worker realize that you have gotten it and have started the procedure at your end. This quiets some underlying nerves and keeps both sides in agreement. Once, you’ve done this, take after the means beneath:

The reporting supervisor and the HR chief director to choose on the off chance that they need to endeavor to hold the employee or not.

Orchestrate a casual meeting where you can examine with the employee if there is any way you can hold him/her. Something else, affirm the notification time frame, handover process and any unfinished activities that you would need finished before the employee’s way out.

Additionally, figure out if you need to supplant the employee with another contract. On the off chance that you have to contract somebody, it’s best to begin with that procedure as quickly as time permits.


On the off chance that you feel that the employee merits going that additional mile to hold, then you’re going to need to comprehend what it will take to hold him/her. Normally, a hike or promotion will settle on the worker reevaluate his/her choice. Be that as it may, if the issue is more profound and he/she can’t be persuaded, then it’s best to show support towards their choice.


Once the resignation has been commonly acknowledged, examine what might be the latest day of working for the worker. As a rule, notice periods are now chosen when employee joins. This must be held fast to unless the employee and company commonly choose something else.Notice period buyouts are basic nowadays and consequently it really is ideal to be set up for that also. The standard is typically a day’s compensation for every day of the notification that the leaving worker doesn’t serve. On numerous events, the buyout is finished by the new organization that the employee would move to. The privilege to decay the buyout stays with the company however shouldn’t be practiced unless absolutely important. Here are a couple more things you might need to talk about while affirming the notification time frame:


On the off chance that there’s anything on the employees plate that you might want to see finished before he/she leaves, make that reasonable. This keeps the employee from getting dormant amid his/her last days and guarantees conveyance of work. In any case, do ensure that you don’t overburden the worker with doubtful due dates.


The work took care of by the employee leaving obviously should be dealt with once he is no more. Request that he/she transfer tasks or jobs needed to be done (wherever applicable) to a colleague or the new contract.


Contingent upon your company approach, you may have separate leave strategies and access for employee on their notification period. It’s a smart thought to emphasize them to the worker when you have the underlying meeting.


Near the end of the notification time frame, it’s imperative to lead an exit interview to promote smoothen the way out of the employee. Having this interview close to the last day, helps the employee to be more bold about his/her perspectives. While this may likewise appear like a formality, when done methodically, it can answer some significant worker administration questions.Here are a few inquiries that you ought to ask while leading exit interview.

    • Why he/she has chosen to clear out?
    • What might you be able to have done to maintain a strategic distance from the renunciation?
    • Would he/she prescribe your company to a friend?
    • On the off chance that Yes/No, then what are the reasons?
    • Did he/she have the apparatuses to complete their job well?
    • What he/she loved most about the company?
    • What he/she loathed most about the company?

The responses to these inquiries ought to be recorded for examination later. Keeping a log of the exit interview reactions will help in distinguishing HR issues and decrease whittling down rates.


At long last before the employee finishes his/her last day, guarantee all exit formalities have been finished. You might need to make a procedure where the employee needs to get an affirmation from important bosses before he/she leaves. This guarantees every pending undertaking have been finished and the vital handovers are finished.Likewise, guarantee that all things given to the employee have been returned. Here’s a fast agenda of things you may need to reclaim before he/she leaves.

  • Portable workstations(Laptops)
  • Keys for Office/Drawers and so on.
  • IDs and Access Cards
  • Company Cell telephone
  • Company Credit Card
  • Company cars among others

As an additional progression, it would likewise be pleasant motion to mail employee on their last day wishing them luck. This would leave the employee with a positive picture of the company.


It’s at long last time to prepare the worker’s full and final settlement. Here’s a snappy manual for what you have to incorporate into it

Unpaid Salary including Leave Travel Allowance (LTA), repayments and rewards

Encashment of leaves that he/she have collected

Gratuity, if appropriate

Pension, if appropriate

Once the sum has been prepared, send the employee his/her relieving letter. Bear in mind to specify the time frame, designation and compensation in the letter.

Taking after a set technique, dodges pointless postponements, smoothens the move for the employee and for you. Attempt to keep things proficient so that there are no severed ties toward the end of the handover.