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Off Boarding & Termination – HR Software Solution

Farsight’s Off Boarding HR Tool ensures efficient termination of an off boarding employee. It ensures best HR practices are perceived in employee termination process. Once an employee updates the system about separation plans, he/she will be notified of all the procedures and steps that they need to undergo.

Farsight’s Separation module provides different interview templates for different profiles to enable HR Managers put up relevant questions. It supports clearance from “n” number of employees in different departments. Thus it is able to support multiple clearance templates for different profiles. The module ensures configurable user permissions so that user has data wise access to profile of their senior employees.

The exit interview program is designed to collect honest feedback from the employee leaving the company. The feedback received from the exit interviews help the Company to work on the loop holes and scale the process of betterment. It is an essential component in the Employees’ Termination Checklist.

Exit interviews can be conducted face-to-face, be in the form of a written survey (hard-copy or electronic), or held over the phone. Only face-to-face and telephone interviews allow you to explore responses and gain even comprehensive insight of the employee’s state of mind.

Opting for face- to – face interview makes exiting employee feel more comfortable by starting with friendly discussion and then easing into the more probing questions. Always start by explaining the purpose of the exit interview. However, some exiting employees may be more forthcoming with information if they can write, rather than say, their feelings. When an employee leaves the organization, an exit interview is a helpful tool to:

  • Identify what your organization is doing well
  • Pinpoint areas where you can improve in your organization
  • Confirm the skill sets, experience, and attributes needed for the job
  • Capture useful knowledge, contacts, tips, etc. from the exiting employee
  • Understand why the employee is leaving
  • Say good-bye on good terms

Farsight’s HR Software Solution follows the following steps in proceeding with the Exit Interviews:

  • Analyze the records of the Employee who has applied to resign.
  • Supervisor conduct an interview to moderate the decision is the employee has proven to be beneficial for the company.
  • If the reasons are genuine or decision cannot be altered, the supervisor gets in touch with the HR Team to update them.
  • The HR Team schedules the Exit Interview and ensures that there is no external factor governing the opinion of Employee.
  • Farsight’s module has templates of Exit Interview Questions for each job profile. The managers can easily input the data and the module generates the questionnaire.
  • Keeping the process simple, when the Exit Interview ends, the managers can easily generate the reports.
  • The managers thereafter document the report for future records.
  • Thereafter, the clearance process begins.


The Off Boarding Module has the following Features:

  • Reports: it can support over100+ Standard Reports, 300+ Excel Exports, Graphical Dashboard, Scheduling of Reports
  • Mailing: it facilitates Email approval through mobile application of through company’s website.
  • Interfacing: it can be interfaced with the Regular Attendance Machine Database, 3rd Party Solutions like SAP, NAV etc.
  • Technology: it uses high end technologies like: Microsoft .NET, SQL SERVER, SAP Crystal Reports, Dev.-Express, Windows Services

Farsight’s HR Software has pioneered in delivering scalable solutions running live with hundreds of companies having 50 to 30000 employees, running Live at 100+ big organizations (BPOs, MNCs, Manufacturing Units, Outsourcing Companies etc.), trusted by Over 200 Enterprises and 5000 HR, 3000 IT, 2000 Finance Professionals because of its 100% success rate.