We have only one aim to provide world class HR solutions, to meetout 100% client needs.

The Human Resource Function plays a crucial role in the successful functioning of an organization. It envelops several key areas including recruitment, training, welfare and development, payroll, employee management, attendance of staff etc.

Need of the Hour
Farsight’s HR Solution is a strong, high-end solution in the world of business application. The HR solution streamlines and integrates the operations & processes of the client’s manpower organization. It helps to impact fully distribute the resources within an organization.

Farsight’s HR Solution integrates all data and course of action of employees to unify the data systematically. It offers a variety of features that seamlessly integrates ERP with Human Resource. Farsight’s HR Solution offers access to employee’s data in HR database to enable transparency in functionality.

Farsight’s HR Solution includes all the attributes required in organization for optimal manpower working and is flexible enough to completely utilize the business processes by customizing it to suit client’s requirement.

Farsight’s HR Solution is a tool for businesses that opt for best-of-breed software strategies require hi-end technology to finely blend workforce with optimal resources. It provides comprehensive information database that can integrate employee performance management, training & learning and payroll modeling with the ERP structure, making it easier for executives for efficient decision making.

Farsight’s Objective is to ensure:

• organization gaining the most benefit from its HR activities
• activities must be aligned with organizational strategy and objectives
• efficiency and effectiveness of those activities
• HR policies, processes & practices compliant with statutory laws
• Company incurs maximum returns on investments
Perks of opting for Farsight’s ERP system:

• SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of HRM including a proposal for improvement measures.
• Integration of HR solutions with efficient ERP
• Automated accurate processing of data
• Transparency of information within various departments
• Digitalization of data reduces human errors
• Eliminates the scope of duplication of data
Human resource management is an upscale affair and proves to be the most productive in the business. Integrating HR effectiveness with ERP system ensures that human capital is strategically aligned with business objectives and effectively manages to increase returns on investment. Farsight’s HR Solution helps you to have a closer look and monitor strategic planning that’ll ensure prosperity in business with healthy margins.