Easily Systematize To Do Activities Tasks

Provides Customizable To Do Activities software

To Do Activities

We offer the best To Do Activities software in India with the facility of advanced filters, sorts and display. It enables you to filter tasks in any field and sort them up to 3 levels, including manually. The system can be adjusted to display to precise information. The To Do Activities module allows each repeat frequency to be customized to achieve nearly any desired repeat pattern.


Prioritize Tasks

With numerous duties to be accomplished, the software effectively manages and identifies priority tasks

Acts As Planner

Projects and tasks can be planned end to end to accomplish the organizational goals, defining the timelines

Relieves Stress

Accurate and advance planning allows easy assigning of responsibilities which reduces stress and ambiguity


Advance Planning

Module creates a plan in advance for achieving the desired goals in accordance with organizational objectives.

Organizing and Rescheduling

Quickly manages and rearranges the tasks keeping in view the priorities

Unlimited Tasks

Platform offers the provision for enlisting unlimited number of tasks at a given time.

Share and Collaborate

Team leaders and management and effortlessly delegate tasks to their subordinates

Status Tracking

The progress of tasks can be monitored including are being active worked and postponed tasks.

Priority Levels

Identifies tasks that need immediate attention enabling to focus on most important tasks.

What our customers have to say

What our customers have to say

Senior General Manager – IT Relaxo Footwear Limited

We have been using Farsight HR Solution from 2014 onwards and find it very user friendly; the team is professional and have implemented the solution for our 7000+ Employees. Web based Employee Self Service portal (ESS) has also increased the productivity of HR as well as of all employees. On behalf of CP Aqua we wish them success in future…

Vice President – CP Group