Focuses On Aspirant Engagement During Onboarding

Providing Enriching Employee Onboarding Experience

HR Onboarding Process

We offer an HR onboarding process, which is meticulous, planned and coordinated. Understanding the needs of today’s new-age organizations, we provide customized employee onboarding tool to cater to diverse employees, depending on their experience, level in hierarchy and job profile. Our HR onboarding software helps in employee retention while being cost-effective and time-saving.


Nurtures New Talent

Our employee onboarding software allows identification of the needs of new employees and facilitates learning

Phenomenal People Experience

On boarding process in HR aligns new recruits with management enabling easy integration within the team and organization

Reduces Paper Work

Automates employee onboarding process saving paperwork and easy assimilation of the new hire into the system.


Engages in Activities

Module offers employee onboarding tools, which provides user defined pre and post joining activities.

Ready Templates

System generated user defined onboarding activity templates enable in making the HR onboarding process seamless.

Freedom to Customize

Intelligent onboarding software offers different onboarding templates for Distinctive profiles.

Seamless Integration

Employee onboarding begins even before the joining of employee to create conducive ecosystem for new hires.

Real-time Status

Entire employee onboarding process can be tracked real-time allowing HR to fill the gaps instantly.

Automatic Reminders

Computerized and timely follow ups and reminders by employee onboarding software saves time and energy of new hires and HR.

Eases Documentation

HR onboarding software automates Complex task management like Assets and Document management.

Reports & Analytics

Onboarding software allows new hires to track offer activity with reporting, dashboard and analytics in real-time.

Seamless Transition

Smart onboarding software pairs new hires with a peer under the mentorship program and buddy system.

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What our customers have to say

What our customers have to say

Senior General Manager – IT Relaxo Footwear Limited

We have been using Farsight HR Solution from 2014 onwards and find it very user friendly; the team is professional and have implemented the solution for our 7000+ Employees. Web based Employee Self Service portal (ESS) has also increased the productivity of HR as well as of all employees. On behalf of CP Aqua we wish them success in future…

Vice President – CP Group