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How Farsight Developed the Best HR Software Solution


Human resource management (HRM) has remained one of the biggest challenges for organizations since time immemorial. And then finding the right mix of HRM becomes further complex as the technology and the domain itself keeps evolving. Decades ago, automation and digitization was limited to printed reports and ability to feed and data on a system. But with rapid revolution in the area of IT, HR software was upgraded. Farsight has developed the best HR software solution by keeping pace with technology and changing demands of the industry. Years later, today Farsight is proud to offer the best HR software solution in India.

At Farsight, teams of experts in diverse domains work relentlessly to manage varied portals to deliver the best HR software. The solutions are not merely built. We understand the importance of the HRM for business, hence, all our solutions and software are developed only after careful research, analysis and test runs. The HR software market is volatile but Farsight has managed to successfully cater to businesses across the spectrum with its cutting-edge, innovative, affordable and forward-looking modules.

Here, are the key areas that which make Farsight’s HR software solution stand out amongst its competitors:


Focus on improving employees’ productivity

As the best HR software, we channelize our energy in developing a platform that enables employees to enhance their productivity. More often than not, HRM suites focus on making the processes effective without considering the human interface. We, at Farsight, take steps to embed the needs of employees into the system. This enables employees to save their precious time, allowing them to engage in productive work rather than mundane paperwork. We realize that organizational communication is an integral part of augmenting employees’ performance, thus our HR software is known across India for delivering a proactive module.


‘One size fits all is a big NO’, we customize

Though, customization has become the order of the day, some HRM service providers continue to vehemently oppose it. Farsight recognizes that each organization is unique so is the mix of its employees. We build software platforms that suit the needs and requirements of the business. The HR software solution is created keeping in view the hierarchy, strength of employees, nature of work profiles, work cultures and company policies. Farsight’s tailor-made HR software solutions aptly fulfil the needs of conventional and new-age companies.


It is time for cloud

Storing immense employees’ data securely is one of the biggest obstacles that firms face.  Farsight’s HR software solution stores data such as employee information, salary structure and other such data on cloud. It may sound expensive and difficult to maintain but Farsight assures that storing data on cloud is affordable, feasible and safe. Besides, it is user-friendly and easy to manage. Technology is changing hands swiftly and Farsight HR solutions are well-equipped to cope with it.


Keep evolving

Change is permanent. Farsight HRM module is flexible and convenient when it comes to adapting to new dynamics. We have the ability to quickly assess any changes in the system and immediately act on it. To drive business value, it must be remembered that employees move in and out of a firm and a module must keep its core customers in mind when envisioning HR software. Farsight over the years has evolved and transformed its position in the market by constantly keeping with the changing times.


The Golden ‘F’: Feedback

Sometimes, the best intentioned HR suites fail to deliver. Ever wondered why? It is important to rely in the decision-making of expert for creating HR software solution. But, it is also critical to seek feedback of the ultimate users including HR professionals, employees and, of course, the management. A hi-end HRM can become redundant if it does not cater to the needs of its users. Farsight provides the choice of real-time feedback and its confidentiality to allow all stakeholders to flag their concerns.


Reinvent strategies

Skill development has become an integral part of job market. Though, the world is burgeoning with population, the dearth of skilled and educated employees remain a reality. Farsight’s module is apt in identifying, designing and scheduling manpower training sessions as and when needed. Updating skills of employees and making them ready to step up in their careers is an important ingredient of Farsight’s HRM. We offer learning experience platforms, program delivery platforms, new LMS, microlearning, gamification, content libraries, VR & AR solutions to make employees future-ready.